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Contributions to Mehak Vohra for Mayor are not tax deductible. The committee may accept contributions of up to $500 per individual, Political Action Committee, and non-incorporated business entities.  Spouses and domestic partners may contribute up to $1,000 from a joint checking account if both account holders sign the check. Contributions from corporations, whether for profit or not, are prohibited. Contributions from persons seeking or recently entered in certain government contracts are also prohibited. Contributions must be made from the donor's own funds and may not be reimbursed by any other person.  Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.

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I am not a foreign national.  (Green card holders may contribute.)

My contribution is not being reimbursed by another person.  (If you are not the true source of the contribution you must inform us of the true source of the contribution.)

I am not an owner, director, officer or named sub-contractor of any entity that is currently negotiating a contract(s) valued at $50,000 or more with the City and County of San Francisco, a City department, or the San Francisco Unified School District, the San Francisco Community College District, or board of a state agency that has a member who is appointed by a City elective officer, or of any person/entity that received such a contract within the last six months.
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